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Signed Christofle & Rouvenat French Vermeil Perfume Bottle


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W: 3.5cm (1.4")H: 9.5cm (3.7")

Signed Christofle & Rouvenat French Vermeil Perfume Bottle Perfume Bottle

Léon Rouvenat was at the height of his fame in the years 1850-1870, in the middle of the Second Empire. His competitors included Boucheron, Fontenay, Mellerio, Froment-Meurice and Alphonse Fouquet. He caused a sensation at the World Expos, where he picked up top prizes, medals and prestigious clients. In 1867, Empress Eugenie bought a magnificent lilac brooch with diamonds. The press was ecstatic: “The reputation of this well-known company speaks for itself”“For taste, simplicity, and perfect harmony, look no further.  ”

Charles Christofle was born in Paris in 1805 amongst small industrialists specializing in the manufacturing of buttons. The only boy in a family of four, he apprenticed with his brother-in-law Hughes Calmette, a manufacturer of "provincial" copper jewelry in 1821. 

He took over the business 10 years later and in 1832 deposited his master's mark at the Garantie de Paris for "adornment". He developed his factory by positioning it towards export jewelry made of precious metal. 

In 1827 Leon Rouvenat entered as a young worker at Calmette and met Charles Christofle and in 1840 they became business partners.

Hallmark on the Riom of the Top

Includes Originla Inside Stopper