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A Pair of Antique French Champlevé Candlesticks


Code: 12848


H: 18cm (7.1")

A Pair of Antique French Champlevé Candlesticks in Turquoise, Rose Pink and Green.

The Main Porcelain Body is Beautifully Decorated with Cherubs on the Front and Flowers on the Back.

These Fine Candlesticks sit on Marble Bases.

Champlevé is an Enamelling Technique in which Cells are Carved, Etched, or Cast into the Surface of a Metal Object and Filled with Vitreous Enamel. 

The Piece is then Fired until the Enamel Fuses and when Cooled the Surface of the Object is Polished. 

The Uncarved Portions of the Original Surface Remain Visible as a Frame for the Enamel Design.