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High Quality Moser Cranberry Enamelled Perfume Bottle


Code: 12275


H: 8.5cm (3.3")

High Quality Antique Moser Cranberry Perfume Bottle with Chatelaine and Finger Ring

The Cranberry Body is Richly Enamelled with White Demi Lune Patterns and Cross Hatching against a Gold Background.

The Middle is Decorated with Pale Blue Beading in the Shape of a Flower.

The Neck and Base are Decorated with Alternating Green and Red Harlequin Pattern.

The Dore Bronze Lid is Richly Carved with a Leaves.

Perfect Condition.

Includes Original Inside Stopper.

Circa 1880.

Perfume 8.5 cms (3.3") Long

12cms (4.5") Including Chatelaine and Finger Ring