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Large Antique French Opaline Ring Holder Chair


Code: 11177

Dimensions:W: 12cm (4.7")H: 22cm (8.7")D: 10cm (3.9")

Large Antique French Blue Opaline Glass Ring and Jewellery Holder.

Dore Bronze and French Opaline Seat Jewellery Dish.

This Whimsical Chair is Beautifully Mounted with Dore Bronze.

The Back is Decorated with Leaves and 2 Blue Opaline Glass Baubles at the top and a Hanging Blue Opaline Bauble from the Miniature. 

The Central Miniature is Hand Painted Depicting L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The Arms also Elaborately Decorated with Leaves and 2 Dore Bronze Ball Handles at the end.

The Chair Sits on 4 Ball Feet and Finely Mounted with Leaves.

The Central Blue Opaline Glass Dish has a Scalloped Rim and is a Perfect Place for Your Jewellery.