Rare High Quality French Signed Limoges Enamel Casket by L. Coblentz

Rare High Quality French Signed Limoges Enamel Casket by L. Coblentz

Code: 13793


W: 16cm (6.3")H: 14.5cm (5.7")D: 12cm (4.7")


Rare High Quality French Signed Limoges Enamel Casket by L. Coblentz 

This Super Casket is of Rectangular Form and Mounted on all Four Corners with Bronze Garlands of Flowers Topped with Bows. 

The Top and Front of the Casket are Set with Beautiful Enamel Panels Depicting Fairies with their Children Playing Music to Two Birds Sitting on a Branch with Pink Flowers. 

The Back Panel Depicts Just the Two 'Love' Birds Sitting Side by Side on a Branch with Pretty Pink Flowers. 

The Side Panels are Decorated with the Fairies Children, One Playing the Triangle and the Other Playing Bells. 

Poets Often Confirm that Pipes and Particularly Bells were Characteristic of Fairy Music (see for Example Ceol Sidhe by Francis Ledwidge or Fairy Ring by Abbie Farwell Brown). 

The Enamel Painting is Exceptionally Fine and the Details in the Dresses, Flowers and Foliage are Rendered with Immense Precision. 

The Front Panel is Signed by the Artist to the Lower Right L. Coblentz. 

L. (Lévy) Coblentz (1828-1900) 

The Casket Can be Opened to Reveal a Plush Burgundy Red Velvet Lined Interior, Ideally used for the Storage of Jewellery or Other Precious Objects. 

Fairies are often Linked to Romance and Love, as They are Said to Hold Magical Powers to do Good Things. 

This was Probably a Gift of a Suitor to his Loved One. 

When Given as a Gift, these Objects Acted as an Embodiment of a Suitor’s Intentions, Providing an Important Form of Language and Socially Recognised Custom. 

CONDITION: Excellent.