Important Display Case Signed L’Escalier de Cristal, Paris

Important Display Case Signed L’Escalier de Cristal, Paris

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W: 15cm (5.9")H: 28cm (11")


Important Display Case Signed L’Escalier de Cristal, Paris made in Engraved Gilded Bronze with Beveled Crystal Glass Panels and Mirror Base.

The Top can Be Completely and Widely Opened.

28cms High (11") Including Gilded Bronze Bird

20cms High (7.9") Without the Bird

Rare to find Signed L'Escalier de Cristal Pieces

L’Escalier de Cristal, Parisian firm created about 1800 by Mme Veuve Desarnaud, famous under the French « Restoration » for its decorative objects combining crystal and bronze. She was awarded a gold medal at the 1819 Paris Exposition des Produits de l’Industrie for an outstanding gilt-bronze mounted crystal dressing table. 

Located in Paris, at the Palais-Royal, Galerie de Valois, the reknowned boutique L’Escalier de Cristal was bought out around 1830 by Boin, and then by Lahoche in 1840. The company owed its rise to a position amongst the most important Paris decorative wares shops to Lahoche, who expanded considerably the business and entered later in partnership with his son-in-law to set up in 1852 Lahoche et Pannier. 

In 1872 Emile Pannier led alone the firm, and then his sons from 1885 to 1923, whom gave the name of Pannier Frères to the company, located at the corner of Scribe and Auber streets, next to the new built Paris Opera house. 

L’Escalier de Cristal was several times awarded medals at the various International Exhibitions held in Paris, London and New York, and for instance a gold medal at the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition. 

Numerous artists, such Emile Gallé, Louis Majorelle and Gabriel Viardot worked for the L’Escalier de Cristal and introduced some of their greatest Japanese style creations (adorned with « cloisonné » enamels, Japanese motifs)