Antique Black Forest Carved Inkwell

Antique Black Forest Carved Inkwell

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W: 8cm (3.1")H: 11cm (4.3")


Antique Swiss Black Forest Wooden Carved Bear Inkwell.Wonderful Carving,Colour and Patina.
The Inkwell is Thick Glass with Brass Mounts.


Since the late 19th century this region of Switzerland, centred on the beautiful lakeside village of Brienz, has been renowned for producing the most beautiful, naturalistic woodcarvings in the world. From the world famous Black Forest Bears to Eagles, Dogs, Boars, Stags, Chamois, Steinbock, Cows, Hunters and many other forms the highly skilled woodcarvers in this region have excelled in capturing the very form and essence of their subject.


 Bear 20cms Long / 8 Inches Long