Rare Antique French Paris Porcelain Veilleuse and Tisaniére

Rare Antique French Paris Porcelain Veilleuse and Tisaniére

Code: 12576


W: 19cm (7.5")H: 36cm (14.2")


Rare Antique French Paris Porcelain Veilleuse and Tisaniére, a Four-Part Tea Pot Set consisting of a Base, a Warming Stand, Fitted Teapot and Cover.  

 A Tisaniére were used to Keep a Tisane or Herbal Tea Warm and also doubled as a Small Night-Light (Veilleuse). 

The Name Veilleuse Derived from the French "Night Vigil" and was often used at the Bedside of Babies.

Given to Brides on their Wedding Day, the Veilleuse would Keep them Company with their Warm and Comforting Glow on their Wedding night.

Most popular between 1750 to 1870's, each is a miniature work of original art.

This Exceptional Set is Handpainted with Pretty Decorative Flowers.

Collectors Piece for Admirers of Good Quality French Porcelain Objets d'Art.

Condition: Excellent: No Chips or Cracks.