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Antique French Perfume Casket Box

Antique French Perfume Casket Box

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W: 13.5cm (5.3")H: 20cm (7.9")


Antique French 19th Century Porcelain Perfume Casket enclosing 4 Original Perfume Bottles each with Inside Stoppers.

The Royal Blue Background is Decorated with a Gold band and Fleur de Lys Design. 

The Sphere is Hand Painted with a Classical Scene Depicting 3 Greek Mythological Muses.

Clio:The Muse Clio Discovered History & Guitar. 
History was Named Clio in the Ancient Years, Because it Refers to “Kleos” the Greek Word for the Heroic Acts. 
Clio was Always Represented with a Clarion in the Right Arm & a Book in the Left Hand.

Euterpe: Muse Euterpe Discovered Several Musical Instruments, Courses & Dialectic. 
She is Always Depicted Holding a Flute.

Muse Thalia was the Protector of Comedy; She Discovered Comedy, Geometry, Architectural Science & Agriculture. 
She was Also Protector of Symposiums. She is Always Depicted Holding a Theatrical – Comedy Mask.

Each Perfume Bottle has Fine Hand Painted Painted Miniatures of Paris.

Fine Dore Bronze Mounts.