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Unusual Antique French 'Tôle Peinte' Perfume Set

Unusual Antique French 'Tôle Peinte' Perfume Set

Code: 13023


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 13cm (5.1")D: 9cm (3.5")


Unusual Antique French 'Tôle Peinte' Perfume Set Comprising of 4 Perfume Bottles with Tôle Necks and a Central Crystal Box and Cover.

The Set Sits in a Tôle Peinte Case with an Elevated Central Panel to Show Off the Crystal Box and Lid.

The Tôle Peinte Case which is Made to Look Like Japanese Lacquer is also Beautifully Decorated with a Japanese Boy Holding a Kite.

Japonisme was First Described by the French Art Critic and Collector Philippe Burty in 1872.

Japanese Decorative Arts, Including Ceramics, Enamels, Metalwork, and Lacquerware were Extremely Influential in the West and this also Extended to Architecture, Landscaping, and Clothing.

Tôle Imitating Japanese Lacquer Started in the Early 19th Century.

CONDITION: Good Condition. No Chips or Cracks.
Slight age related wear.