Large Antique Palais Royal Perfume Casket Box

Large Antique Palais Royal Perfume Casket Box

Code: 11155


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 12cm (4.7")D: 10cm (3.9")


Large Antique Palais Royal Ruby Red Oval Perfume Casket with Double Loop Handles and Original Ornate Key.

This Beautiful Perfume Casket Rests on Four Scroll Feet and is Mounted in Fine Dore Bronze.

It Contains Two Original Perfumes with Inside Stoppers and Each with Eglamise Miniatures of Paris.

The Miniatures are Painted on Reverse painting on Glass and Depict  'Le Corps Legislatif’ (The Corps législatif was a Part of the French Legislature during the French Revolution and beyond) and the Other Miniature Depicts ‘L’Arc de Triomphe' in Paris.

Perfect Condition.